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Detective Sherbunny.

Today's model is my bunny. I've pinned 12 of her photos on Pinterest, took one last close look before I moved on to blind sketching.

It was really fun as I blind-sketched my bunny, I imagined her favourite poses and what she's thinking at the moment, and added some details and wordings to my sketches:


At the end I chose the "Sherlock" design as I thought it was the cutest and inked it.


So here it is, after inking and editing on Pixlr.

Biggest takeaway from this class is definitely Blind Sketching, because for some time I've been waiting to create my own characters and I've been copying from illustrations I like and improvised. I thought this would add to my "library" of ideas and one day a good character would pop up. But yeah, I think blind sketching really made me look at the kind of lines and style I create that I can call it mine. 

Oh and this is also my first time trying to do some hatching, and I think I did a bad job! :( Definitely one big area to work on. 

Lastly, thanks for the class and I had fun!


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