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Miranda Harper




Destini Morgan Headshot

This lesson was immensely helpful. I shoot clothing catalogs for a living but am completely self taught and regularly learn new stuff on the fly. I've always had trouble with lighting so this had some great tips. I almost always shoot full body and headshots was a nice change. One of my regular models had been wanting some headshots anyway.


Fotodiox strobe with umbrella placed to the right. (I don't have a beauty dish in my studio. I'd never heard of one till now!)

Two white reflectors placed at angles in front of the model on the floor. I proped one up on some milk crates.

Nikon D5100 with a kit lens.

My background isn't perfectly white. I have 2 lights but neither was small enough to fit behind the model without being seen and it created odd shadows when I placed it off to the side.

I'd definitely work of more positioning and stronger lighting as I did a lot of exposure adjusting in Lightroom.




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