Despicable Me Minimalist Animation

Despicable Me Minimalist Animation - student project

I decided to create an animation inspired by the movie Despicable Me. When I was re-watching it, I realized that many key elements of the movie were actually circular in nature. The shrink ray is what most of the action is centered around, so I plan to animate the shrink ray and have all of the circular elements growing and shrinking in and out of the centre of the animation, as if being zapped by the shrink ray.

The keywords I came up with were:
shrink ray, moon, cookies, minions, gru, vector, girls, and rockets.

I'm not sure if I will animate all of the components that I drew. It will depend on how it comes together and how long it takes me to do. Here are the elements as I've drawn them in Illustrator. I'm still trying to figure out if I will draw some of the finer details (like glasses and eyebrows) in AE or just bring those pieces in from Illustrator.

Despicable Me Minimalist Animation - image 1 - student project