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Siobhan Tull

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Desperately Seeking Style

Sofa Before:

Sofa After:

I forgot to take a before picture of the "Console" I was styling. It's in the before pictures of my space though. It's the little black table under the only window in my living room. 

This particular project I found INCREDIBLY difficult. I think it was because the table is fulfilling the's a radiator cover. It doesn't really have any other needs. So this was purely about style and not at all about function. Not my forte. Please let me know what you think. I'd LOVE some feedback. 

Coffee Table Before:

Coffee Table After:

I have three small children and they use the coffee table often, so the first thing was not making the coffee table an untouchable place. And then, to make it inviting. 


We moved into this apartment two years ago. Five of us now live here and we have been worrying more about function than style...and failing at both. 

Lots of dark, heavy furniture and lots of toys make this space feel cluttered.

Here is my inspiration interior:


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