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Desperately Seeking Sanity

Today I feel like the dog in the sketch - called from all directions. 


As I say all the time, my life runneth over. It would take 500 words or more to briefly list all I have been responsible for doing in the last month and what is still on my calendar for the next two weeks. I feel like Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, "I'm standing here solidly on my own two hands and going crazy."  And I am supposed to be retired!! 

So what I seek in this class is peace - or maybe this class will become another chore on my calendar, Who knows? 

After I read the email prompt I went back for the bonus communication with a friend. Before reading the email, I had already had a conversation with the friend I usually bounce things off of so I didn't talk to her again, (She had already given me advice about my life.) I did text part of my long distance support team and asked the question. "If you could design my life, to what would you dedicate more of my time?" Unanimously I was told, "rest," "vacation," "self care," "saying no," "yourself," and more along that line. 

Obviously, this became a conflict with the values I did today.

Here's my 20, which somehow became 19. Add "following through" to the stack.


Here are my 10 priority.


My values seem to reject what my friends suggested I spent my time doing. I believe that we are put on Earth to do for others. It is hard for me to make that coincide with a focus on me.

Choosing top strengths proved to be an interesting exercise. I think my top one is probably versatility but I polled my friends and got some answers that caught me off-guard. The one that really took me aback was levelheaded. I call myself practical but never termed it levelheaded. The top “vote-getter” was some form of perseverance, closely followed be creative/imaginative and caring.

So here are the ones I selected.



Here are the top choices. Although I didn't mean to leave out versatility.


I felt that spirit of adventure encompassed several characteristics others had mentioned, as well as some on my personal list. Also, I think the ability to laugh at yourself is a major strength few people recognize. As they say, “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves. They shall never cease to be entertained.”  


I already have a definition of success: To feel satisfaction with where your life is going and be at peace with yourself.

BUT - I followed the directions and here's what I wrote.

To quit rushing around and chill;

To be at peace with yourself;

To create – writing, music, art, design, characters on stage, décor, crafts, whatever;

To help/do things for others;

To care and teach the importance of caring and thoughtfulness;

To save animal lives;

To love and be loved;

          This is to have succeeded.

The fourth and fifth could probably combine. 

Even though I don't particularly consider myself successful, my activities for the week do fit into these concepts.

Yesterday I took a teen for her first experience with live theatre. It was good. She enjoyed the play and the venue is a small community theater. The play used an ensemble of six who came out to meet and greet the audience afterward. She asked them all to sign her program, which they did, and one of the lead characters took a picture with her and the key prop for the play, Our Lady of the Tortilla.


Desi with Alejandra, who played Dolores. I love to introduce young people to rewarding areas of knowledge and activity.

Today, as I had told the publisher I would, I uploaded the final edit of the manuscript of my upcoming book, No Strings: In Search of Dickie Jones.

Tomorrow I decorate for the Wednesday church lunch and take props to the theater for an upcoming play.

Wednesday I serve the lunch and help the church secretary with prep for the centennial celebration next weekend. The rest of the week is more of the same. 

Do you begin to see why the first thought on my success list is "quit rushing around?" Next Monday that may happen.

Now I'm preparing to view the next segment of this session.  :) 

Back to computer after two hectic days.


My unique purpose is to do for others and create by utilyzing my caring and creativity. I will accomplish service and promotion of the arts.


I am a creative, resilient being. 

I am building a world full of caring.

I am not afraid changes.

I am fearless because I have survived.


I've accomplished a couple of milestones this week. So my "milestones" will mostly reflect taking the advice of my friends who want to design my life with more rest and self care.

On Monday I uploaded the final draft of my latest book to the shared folder for the publisher and have gotten an "arrived" acknowledgement. 

This weekend we are wrappng up a big centennial celebration at my church. That will be off my plate, too.

SO - my milestones are:

To prep for a June convention to sign and sell the book before the one I sent in Monday.

Starting a blog to promote my books and other projects online.

Schedule area book talk/signing appearances.


This week: 

Lie down two hours each day. (Except, of course, the day I an in a wildflower workshop.)

Eat more healthy meals.

Wrap up a few Skillshare classes that are pending.

Throwing fear into the equation doesn't work for me. People who don't fail are people who never do anything. Worse that can happen is having to scrap the idea, career, project. Then you pick up and start on something else or try another tack at what you are doing. It's called monitor and adjust.


Outstanding suggestion to use mindless activity time - as in toothbrushing - to reflect. Thumbs up on that. I do it all the time.

Reflection 2

One of the nicest things about this class was that - even though it hasn't especially brought happiness - I can look at my life and see that, in harmony with my values, I am doing what it appears I should be doing. Here's the rescue dog lying at my feet reflecting the save animals value. The book and something as simple as my random word daily doodles reflect creativity and perserverance. My work at the church reflects caring and that set of values/strengths.

I believe the Wesleyan quote: Do all the good you can by all the means you can in all the ways you can in all the places you can at all the times you can for all the people you can for as long as you can. Maybe I'm where I'm supposed to be. 

Here's my "after." Still called but in fewer directions.


Thank you, Kelly Jo for a well-organized, practical class. Good job. 


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