Desired Crafts

Desired Crafts - student project

I am a retired High pressure Steam Engineer by trade, graphic artist by profession. Although I have experience as a self taught web designer I feel it was time grow from just knowing the mechanics and learn some of the formal terminology and structure.

I am just expanding into CSS and joined this class primeraly to gain a better understanding of it.

I use Dreamweaver CS6.

This class has already helped me in such a simple thing as finally realizing what an 'element' was instead of just using them. Also I did not realize H1 helped ranking with search engines, something important to me. I had been using Font Size ignoring the Headder element.

I laugh to myself because I have often used the 'Ordered and Unorderd lists' but it did not connect in my brain that UL was unordered and OL was ordered. My Dreamweaver just automated creating lists for me.

I entered the class late and will anxiously catch up.


Coding assignment #1: Completed

Here is a link to my project: