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Designing with watercolors: floral postcard from sketch to digital template.

In this class I would share how to design using watercolors.

Class title: Designing with watercolors: floral postcard from sketch to digital template.

Class project title: Create your own floral seasonal postcard templates set.

Project description: Your assignment is to design a set of floral postcard templates using watercolors. 


In this class you’ll create your own set of postcard templates, using watercolours. You might not be a skilled artist to complete this one,  because it is not focused on artistic technique, it’s all about design practice. And most of all - you should enjoy the process.

You’ll create some sketches, inspired by nature, and then, you’ll vivify them with watercolors. Next, you’ll know how to convert your art into vector illustration set using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator (you can start with the trial versions on adobe.com), and finally, you’ll design set of three (or five, ten, or whatever amount, limited by imagination) without redrawing your postcard again (and again,  andagainandagain….)))

Hope you’ll enjoy it. Have fun!


Share your process in the project gallery. Complete project should include:

— Your moodboard

— Sketches

— Final watercolor artworks

— Final set of minimum three postcard templates

Here is my project outline: https://docs.google.com/a/skillshare.com/document/d/1jkvqLp59qe-HJZVKAf0vXTKet1ZBydiesrciLI1U7qY/edit?usp=sharing

And finally here is my introduction video:


Here it is!


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