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Designing with the Japanese Alphabet: Creating your own bookmarks 始めましょう!

If I had to spend each day studying any subject for hours on end, I would no doubt pick Japanese. With all of my textbooks, story books, and notebooks, however; it's hard to keep track of where to start each day! 

These bookmarks combine my love of Japanese culture, language, and art all into one, and they sure prove to be useful tools with all of my daily reading. While bookmarks are by no means the limit to the beautiful designs that can be created with Japanese characters, I thought they would be a good way to introduce the basics of the two alphabets (yes there is more than one!) while still being creative.

In my class, I will introduce the basics of the two Japanese alphabets as well as the borrowed characters from Chinese. From there, we will narrow down to three words or phrases to put on three different bookmarks. You won't leave this class fluent in the language--but you will leave knowing how to read your own secret messages on your bookmarks!

Design lucky bookmarks with symbols for love and happiness, adorable bookmarks with the typical kawaii (cute!) drawings of Japan, or even write your own name in Japanese characters.

The choice is up to you!

Class Outline is here!

Intro video is here!

And here is the final class!


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