Designing focal point patterns

Designing focal point patterns - student project

Designing focal point patterns - image 1 - student project

Lost my hard drive on my MacBook :-) so I've been working strictly on my IPad. I managed this repeat in Paint Storm after painting in Procreate. I am loving that app. I used my photos from a recent road trip. Pics from the Muscle Car museum in Punta Gorda Florida. I love getting my hands dirty playing with my paints but exploring this new digital medium is fun too. I want to do a few more looser patterns. I only finished this one so far but thanks Bonnie for the great classes :-)

Designing focal point patterns - image 2 - student project

I'm still working on putting together the repeating pattern. These are just a shot of my icons so far. I'm going to dive into rearranging them and figuring out a background color.Or perhaps a map background??? Not sure yet. I was traveling during this project with only my brand new iPad Pro. So I painted these in Procreate and made them into this square. I may try to make the repeating pattern on the iPad too. I'm anxiously awaiting your Procreate class Bonnie!

Designing focal point patterns - image 3 - student project

Rambling Road Trip
Since I am on a beachy road trip at the moment I was planning on using the photos I took of the pretty shells and prettier flowers. I have been wanting to incorporate cool cars and vintage cameras in a pattern so I decided to combine everything and make it a road trip pattern.
Wanderlust, adventure, roadtrippers, sun seekers, vacation, snapshots, travel, uncharted, relaxation, sunshine, sand, seashells, discovery, memories.

On the road agenda except catching the sunset after a day spent discovering a new beach. Collecting shells, dinner at a roadside diner, and the open road. Deep breaths and cool breezes and an escape from the rat race. There's nothing like making memories and I'm hoping my pattern will evoke those feelings.

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