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Character Designer and Ilustrator



Designing character for your Dream Project using photo as inspiration


In this class i'll go along with you to design a character using photo as inspiration to creatie a story as well within the design.

In class we'll know how to Generate the ideas and how to take it further into design.

If you are totally a beginner either, it doesn't matter, i'll cover up some core fundamentals of desinging. So really don't bother about if you are one fo those

Project Title

Design a character for your dream project

Project Description

Pull up some picture of real peoples and be carefull about choosing the picture cause those picture should have some thing intresting which can excite you....sometimes it clothing something its poses and something it story......so be carefull while choosing the reference picture.

  Now design a character using the picture as reference. Do a couple of rough sketches and just try to push your ides little further in every sketch.

In assignment i would like to see all the rough sketches you did and the final one as well.

Just post these sketches here and i'll be happy to give you my feeback on it.

Link for my video lessions outline



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