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Designing and Mocking up a Wrapped Vehicle

Class Description:

High-end sports cars. Video game promotional events. Regional roofing contractors. Weird group, but what do they have in common? Vehicle wraps. Every day, local printers and sign shops install graphics on all sorts of vehicles. Your local mom and pop plumbing supply will wrap their delivery pickup, and the CEO of the law firm (you know, the one with all the billboards?) will roll up in a brand new BMW with his logo and face plastered all over it. They're everywhere, and they aren't going away anytime soon.

So maybe today, maybe tomorrow, your boss or client will ask you to design an create a wrap for a vehicle. If you want it to look good, it's best to mock it up on the vehicle first. Play around with logo and text positioning, balance.

This course will teach you how to photograph your vehicle, create a photorealistic template in Photoshop, and setup your print files for yourself or another vendor. You'll be able to use this technique on any vehicle!

Class Project

I want you to create a vehicle wrap of your own personal design. Shoot your own car, your neighbors, roommates, work truck, or the city bus, and blast that thing out like you’re headed to a convention. If you can’t find a vehicle, use a fun vehicle image you find on the internet using the resources I provide. Show me your final proof (not print ready), and feel free to ask questions about placement.

Project Outline

Little longer, I know, but I want this to be a resource/point of reference for vehicle wraps, so some of my sections are more involved.

Video Sample
Sharing a quick video sample of the technique in action. Need to re-capture on a faster computer, but this quick snippet is how I want to show things


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