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Designing a Unique Cartoon Character


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Creative Cartooning: Design a Uniquely Awesome Cartoon Character


Now its time for you to give it a shot! Create a custom cartoon character that reflects some of your own personality characteristics. Borrow traits from friends or family memebers if you've having trouble relating with your character on a personal level. The objective here is to make your cartoon character relatable to you or is humorous in some way. Everyone likes a laugh so really emphasize those wacky or silly characteristics! Nothing is too far out of the box in my opinion so really put in an effort to break free from your comfort zone. Experiment with quick thumbnails before starting on the main drawing so you can pick and choose from a variety of ideas and concepts before finalizing your cartoon. Give them special props, clothing, or abilities you wish you could have! Remember, they don't have to be from this world and can definately have any superpower or talent you can dream up!

Here are some sample sentences you can finish to get yourself started when developing your cartoon's unique personality.

My cartoon character has an obsessive passion for__________.

He/She can't even control themselves when they see a__________.

My character is extremely terrified and fearful of_________.

When it comes to __________, my cartoon character is overjoyed, and it makes their day.

________ is a secret my character can't seem to keep secret because they tell EVERYONE!

My cartoon character was born in the land of ________ a mystical place filled with tons of________.

If my character gets really ________, they reveal their _________ superpower.


  • 1-2 short paragraphs or 3-5 traits describing the personality of your character. This step can be as detailed as you need it to be. Use a word web or finish the above sentences if having trouble creating a backstory for your cartoon character on your own. Provide your character a unique name.
  • Thumbnail sketches using multiple angles, poses, or emotions. Experiment and play around. See what works and what doesn't. Be loose and draw your character in pieces if need be. Everyone's creative process is unique so show it off!
  • Final line drawing of your personalized cartoon character.


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