Designing Photoshop Textures and Cut-outs for Print-On-Demand Products

Designing Photoshop Textures and Cut-outs for Print-On-Demand Products - student project

In this class I’ll share with you my Photoshop techniques for creating textures to cut out and layer for beautiful compositions. You will use these techniques to create a new composition, surface design, or even motion graphic elements. And with print-on-demand sites becoming popular, you can consider new avenues for earning money from your art. There's a catch, though. How can you predict how your design will look no on paper or fabric? What if it's too light or too dark? What if the colors are off? What can you do to ensure success? 

In this class, you will create Photoshop textures and create a new composition. You will also:

   -  Develop a design workflow with the end product in mind
   -  Identify color pitfalls and explore them one by one
   -  Fill in your knowledge gaps on how digital color is built
   -  Discover the roles of color spaces, models, and modes in your workflow
   -  Research the color settings required for your chosen print-on-demand service
   -  Follow a step-by-step method to align your project with your printers' needs
   -  See the value of monitor calibration and how to go about it
   -  Safely transfer files between Photoshop and Illustrator to maintain color consistency
   -  Test your files using your chosen print-on-demand site and fabric/paper
   -  Compare printing outcomes to make the best color-based decisions
   -  Save your files using safe archiving methods