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Jared Tohlen

Illustrator & Graphic Designer



Designing In A Different Language

A couple of years ago I started a new job as a graphic designer for a church. Not even half way into my first day it was made clear to me that I would be taking over the design and implementation of projects for the church's Spanish ministry. Now, I took Spanish in high school, but my knowledge of Spanish didn't extend far beyond "Hola" and "No hablo."

I had never created any sort of design in anything but English! However, this was part of my job, and the projects needed to be completed. So I tumbled my way through completing brochures, event flyers, branding, and all manner of projects before I finally had my feet under me and was versed in the process of designing in a different language. Since then I've even branched out to Korean and Chinese!

A good chunk of the world speaks more than one language—you may be one of those bilingual individuals yourself. But, when it comes to creating designs, most of us typically only create for our primary, native language. So, what happens when we're approached with a project that needs to be completed, from top to bottom, in a language we can't speak and haven't created in before?

Whether you're a professional graphic designer with years under your belt, or a good friend creating for a buddy, you need to be prepared for the many, tricky hurdles that come from designing in a different language!

PROJECT: "That Band from a Different Country is Coming to Town!"

This assignment will hit all of the main points you will need to understand and take into account when designing in a different language. You'll pick a language that you aren't familiar with, and which you cannot speak, and design a concert collateral package for a fictitious band of that language.

More details on the project will be added soon!


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