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Designing Images

FInally got the printer up and running so I could make my mini-zine.

Here's the cover. 

I may redo the cover. I can letter better than this though I like the look of the crumpling of the paper after I colored it.

All my poems are written. Making my zine is still to be done. However. because I'm having trouble reading the poems in some of the projects, I thought I would post my poems.

Poem 1 – haiku

When I finished the haiku video, my dog Sugar was sitting by my chair, so I wrote about her.


Fluffy long white hair,

Big soft brown eyes, floppy ears

Precious Baby Dog.

Here are the zine pages for the haiku and painting description.


Poem 2 – Describe your favorite painting.

Had to choose between Picasso's Guernica - not pretty but such a vivid emotional impact about the event - and El Greco's View of Toledo. I picked the latter, as I've loved it from childhood. Guernica I only appreciated as I aged.

 El Greco’s View of Toledo

Dark threatening sky

Filled with heavy clouds swept by wind.

Rolling hills in lush greens morphing to browns

Dotted with trees and bushes.

Buildings of gray stone nestle in nest of vegetation.

A steeple or turret stands above the rest,

Silver against black clouds.


Poem 3 – Environmental ekphrasis

I cheated a bit on this one. I don't have to go downstairs nor do I have sidewalks in my little town so I walked my backyard. 

Here are the pictures I took. Also cheated there. I have six pictures but combined the last two for the fifth description. Shade is the Great Dane who lives next door.


Mesquite shows green, meaning freezes are past.

Brown bunches of seeds hang like bananas midst green fronds.

Gray and black, four feet, cold wet nose,

Shade barks and howls.

Spiked paddles of green, growth anew after damage.

Brilliant blue-purple blooms bright against leaves of green,

Mountain laurel and bluebonnets.

Now pages 3 and 4. 

 Poem 4 – Found poetry

This was really interesting. I get lots of spam mail from charities wanting my money. This came from a letter from the North Shore Animal League.


Cherished people just like you,

Loving, tender, nurturing,

Facing a crisis.

It breaks my heart

That caring friends are destroyed

During this cold and harsh time.


Poem 5 – automatism, spontaneous prose

For this I started from a photograph that sits on the piano.


Photo from long past, decades old.

The dead smile boldly.

Sometimes memories crowd our minds,

Shadowing the sun.

It’s shining today for a change.

See the bluebonnets,

Bravely beautiful in the cold.

If I seem to be preoccupied by bluebonnets it's because I love them and our weather has been so cold that I've been afraid the ones in my back yard will freeze.

Last two pages


Poem 6 – choice (haiku)

When I walked out late last night for the first time in weeks the sky was clear and the full moon was brilliant. I was blessed to witness a lunar halo. I have seen one - as well as a solar one - before but they are SO impressive. I immediately came in and wrote two haiku describing it.


Halo of cold clouds

Surround shimmering full moon.

Icy wind bites skin.


Beautiful white orb

Ringed by icy crystal clouds.

March wind chills the air.

And last, the back cover. This is the logo I use on the back on the greeting cards I make.except that I changed the word "cards" and used "poetry."

This is so much fun. Hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am.


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