Designing & Illustrating a Tattoo Flash Sheet

Designing & Illustrating a Tattoo Flash Sheet - student project

About the Class

You don't have to be a tattoo artist to design and illustrate your own flash sheet! This class is great for illustration beginners, those looking to brainstorm ideas, as well as those who may want to design tattoos one day.  The flash is a great template to design illustrations around a theme and explore your artistic style. Some topics we'll cover in class are:

  • Brief Tattoo Flash Background
  • Supplies and Tools 
  • Choosing a Theme or Style
  • Creating a Design Template
  • Ink Tips & Tricks
  • Bonus: Digitizing Your Flash Sheet 

By the end of class, you will feel comfortable designing your own Tattoo Flash Sheet as a tool to showcase your unique illustration style. Enjoy! 


Class Project 

You will be designing and illustrating your own Tattoo Flash Sheet for this course as a way to explore your illustration style.

As you watch the class lessons and begin to brainstorm your Final piece, start a Class Project and post an image and reflect on each of the following steps: 

1. Research: Look up your favorite tattoo artist and reference one of their flash sheets, or go to your local tattoo shop and take a look around and paste a piece you enjoy! Reflect on it. 

2. Choosing your style/theme: Use one of the techniques discussed in class to choose a theme or style for your project. Post your chosen topic and write a few ideas you have about your topic.

3. Designing a template: Post a picture of the template you’ve designed using the techniques we discussed in class.

4. Optional: Post the thumbnail drawings of your ideas for the final piece.

5. Your Final Project:  Post a picture or scan of your final Tattoo Flash Sheet when you’ve finished. Title your Flash.


Keep us up to date on your progress, don’t try and do this all at once. Take your time, explore your style, challenge yourself and enjoy the art of tattoo flash!


Additional Resources:

Ria Sharon Class

Vintage Flash Tattoos by Jonathan Shaw


My Outline for the Course 

Please click on the Link in Title or image above to see my outline for this course and give any feedback. Much appreciated!