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Designing Effective Banner Ads

Hi, this is what I have so far for my class for the July Teach Challenge. Any feedback is appreciated.

• Class Description:

One of the factors that make a business effective is a banner ad, helping increasing the traffic on websites or blogs. Have you ever wondered if the banner ads you've been designing are the best they could be? In this 20-minute class we’ll look at the best practices of ad design: an engaging message, good use of typography and color, a strong call-to-action, and a clean design. You'll be able to apply these best practices to any type of banner ad – whether static or animated –, and to ads used for social media, websites, blogs or landing pages.

• Class Project:

For the class project you'll create a banner ad with Adobe Photoshop for your favorite beverage following the tips you've learned in this class.

1. Choose the size of your ad (download this Ad Size Guide).

2. Determine all the ad elements (message, image/graphic, logo, and CTA). You can also use the elements I used for the sample project (download here).

3. Design your banner ad.

4. Post your awesome ad to the class project (if you're working on an ad not related to this class and would like my feedback, go ahead and post it too).

Looking forward to see them!

• Class Outline: You can check my class outline here.

Introduction Video: see the video here.


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