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Designing Confidence

For the next four weeks, I will practice presenting myself more confidently to the world.

As I design methods to practice this confidence, I'd like to focus on cultural interventions: rituals, ceremonies, experiences I can work into my life. I'd like to use this project to understand the design process that leads to a successful cultural intervention.

To begin, I plan to implement two daily changes:

1. Every morning, I will spend 10 minutes dancing BIG! This ritual is inspired by Amy Cuddy's TED talk which discusses how postures of confidence can stimulate feelings of confidence. 

2. Each day, I will challenge myself with a mini-risk, from initiating a conversation with a stranger to speaking up on a client call (inspired by an article by Emilie Wapnick). I will document these small wins photographically to recognize progress.

At the end of the four weeks, I will present a controversial topic at my office, prepared to defend my point of view.

The journey will be recorded at
*I've noticed this link doesn't work when clicked, but if you enter the URL into your browser, it should come up.


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