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Designing App Icons In Sketch

Link to the final class:

Class Title:

Designing App Icons: Combining Simple Shapes In Sketch To Re-Create Instagram's New Logo

Class Description:

In this quick class I'm going to show you how to use basic shapes in Sketch 3 to create an app-icon just like Instagram. You'll learn the basics of Sketch and you'll be able to apply what you learn to create your own custom shapes, icons and logos. This easy to follow class is perfect for anyone who's interested in learning Sketch, and turning their ideas and concepts into beautiful designs. 

If you're looking for some icon inspiration or want to start with a ready made icon you can download my free icon pack here, feel free to use it however you like. 

Class Video Outline:

1. Introduction & Icons Ideas
2. Adding shapes to create your icon
3. Using Boolean Operations to combine shapes
4. Creating the app icon background
5. Exporting your icon

Project Title and Outline:

Create a custom app-icon. 

For this project just apply the skills I teach in class to create your very own app icon. Experiment with different combinations of shapes and colours to achieve a unique result. It's as easy as: 

1. Use basic shapes to create an icon.

2. Add your icon to a beautiful coloured background.

3. Share your app icon with the community.



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