Designer Homewares

Designer Homewares - student project

It has been a long term dream of mine to design cool looking, funky homewares.  From bedding to cushion covers and tea towels to lamp shades.

The idea first came to mind when I went shopping for some masculine looking quilt covers and all I could find were stripes or florals. Guys don't do florals! It was very easy to see that there was a niche in the market place for someone to come up with great looking bedding that you weren't embaressed to have displayed when you brought that special someone back.

Then I started thinking about what else I could transfer my decorative ideas to and came up with a hole range of homeware products that could do with some creative flare.

My back ground is street art and graphic design so I have many ideas running in my head of what could be printed on these furnishings to spruce up the home. I also used to do a lot of t-shirt screenprinting so I have a fair understanding of how this process works. However I need to know how to source the products and print on larger scale such as cotton sheets and quilt covers. Initally I will just start with quilt & pillow covers and possibly tea towels, then see what else I can make look cool around the house.