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Design-y card

version #1

I really want to have a bold, black card, straightforward but visual. I used Helvetica in this one and justified everything visually with font sizes. Very much centered, I still think it has a good look to it, while pretty much fulfilling none of the requirements set forth by this class. This is the card I would have designed if I hadn't started this class and instead just jumped into it.Version #2.

Okay, trying to follor the rules a little more.There's three equidistant vertical lines through the card, and my text each starts from one. My name is largest, then my title, and the details are smallest. It's just a sketch, and  looking at it now my rag obviously needs some work, but I kinda like how it turned out.Version #3

Whoops. Back to the old design, now with utterly uneccesary brackets. Design! Despite again utterly ignoring several guidelines placed before me, I really like this one.Version #4

I'm getting this card letterpressed printed, so I'd like to do something cool with overprinting. This is just an idea, and not a very origional one at that, but I'd like to start thinking like this a little more as I work on my designs, so here's a version. It's also gridded, with a dynamic diagonal line cutting through the center of the card. Very baroque! I mean, not really. Like, not in any visual way except the diagonal, and that's a big stretch anyway. 


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