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Playing with my character has been really fun! I tried coloring her and using her with white color, dark hair, pink nose and an orange blouse  in a blue background, but gave up since I thought it would limit my color options.

So I tried to make her blue (yeah, one of my favorite colors... lol) but still didn't like the result, so I decided I would keep her the way she was first created.

A sample of Rejected Blue Ana for you.

Then, I had some ideas for the comics (I haven't done any yet, but I'm writing them all in a notebook for when the time comes) and some of them involved that idea of a demon and a angel speaking to us. I remembered some situations I should definitely have gone with the good idea, but chose the bad one. *only-God-knows-why*

So I thought it would be fun to portrait this situation with ghost Anas! Yays!

I also tried to make her profile a little better by changing the nose. I'm still struggling with the lineart, but that's okay. I really don't want to use vectors. So I'm keeping positive things will become better as I practice. Lineart is too difficult for me, I usually draw without it (as you can see in the color version of her on my first post!). At least, now I can make her proportions right and notice when her face shape is really messed up. Baby steps... baby steps.

To finish this update, I chose one of the poses I was trying to draw and new accessories: a backpack and a scarf. Hope you enjoy!


Yay! This is so fun!

Well, okay... *ahem*

It's been a long time since I've first decided to start a webcomic. Thing is: I barely have the time to do anything besides college, work and housework. 

So, to keep the dream alive, I decided that the best thing is to keep it simple. A really simple drawing that I'll be able to reproduce and will help me put a comic together whenever I have a little time to do so.

So, this is it. This is me-AHEM-my character. :p

Well, it's pretty basic but you can find all things I love and some others (face shape and nose) that I'm not a big fan. I'm also not a really girly type so you can always find me wearing jeans and cardigans. I swear I try to wear cute cardigans but... yeah. Not that girly.

Here are some more studies.

I'm still trying to get the shape of the face right. I guess the mad one was closer to what I wanted, but I believe that that will naturally come with practice!

I'm a graphic designer and I love it with all my heart and soul! So I decided to create a webcomic not only about my life as a designer (and the funny stuff that happens sometimes) but also about how being one affects other aspects of my life.

I've already listed some ideas for the comic and will try to create the first stories! I'll upload them as soon as possible! :D

BTW: I have this little idea of her in colors, but that will only appear from time to time... it took me too long to finish it! Lol

Thank you for your time!


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