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Design in the Studio / Improving Lighting

Mariya was there when I first started Skillshare and she has been a quiet influence ever since. I had to see what she was up to and I am glad I did.

I am not a digital wizard nor am I a pro-photo person!

I use a $259 camera for all my films and I point and shoot all my own stills. It took me 5 years to gain technical confidence with my digital software and camera  and a lifetime to realize when I need help from a competent teacher.

I chose Mariya for my Photo Mentor. Here is my project.

I did as Mariya suggested and concentrated on one thing.  I chose front lighting with a bit of an angle to it.

Here is my first untampered know nothing about lighting 'pic'.


Yikes it is split right in half!!!!! What to do? Start using a little lighting fix and creative cropping as Mariya suggested.

I flipped, chopped, and adjusted illumination. Then i  added some 'whimsy' and good old fashioned Design Principles ... 5 which is the number of players on the ice (excluding the goalie) when you play Hockey was my design number.

The shadows turned warm but i liked it so I kept it.


The black tops reminded me of pucks; that's the thing they shoot at each other until somebody scores and then they get paid. Sort of like Skillshare.

Next was my bigger project and it was a little more serious to start with.


I now had to apply some Design Changes with my Paint.NET Free software digital "fixer. 


Added the dripping paint with Lasso Tool and highlights were from different Hues of red.

Added yellow on the end of the brush that cuts through the centre foreground and splashed some colors around the picture / painting.

Added some length to the Asian Brush in bottom right.

Added more vertical thrust to the 'Gloss Medium Varnish" bottle as it was too close to the height of the other bottle, Got a nice stair transition which always works in Design. (Gradation)

Could not get rid of the equal portions in foreground so I Put in a lighter valued  Bullet just off centre with my Text.

Yellow is the first color that we perceive.

The circle is the most compelling shape for all of us.

Neutral greys make pure colors sing or 'POP'

Mariya is a great teacher. Thanks for your valuable tips.

Got some feedback from the Boss (Mariya) and She told me to deal with the price tag and see what it would look like with the colors toned down. So here it is.

Compare the two and you will see that the yellow and red and orange are not so pure as the color saturation was lowered.

To make colors POP keep saturation high and majority of picture grey toned, which means balanced and natural as the camera produces it.

Popping colors is a digital trick and it rarely happens in nature, where the tonality of the surrounding light pervades the atmosphere with a coloured veil of a particular hue. 

We like to 'Pop' colors in advertising and animations as it gives a hyper-color experience to the viewer. It's not very sophisticated but it does give a perceptual thrill for a moment or two.

Corrections and adjustments suggested by Mariya after first posting.

1- Get rid of price tag

2- Try keying down the primary POP of the Digital enhancement.

As with all spices use sparingly and tastefully. I removed the price tag  on the Gloss Varnish bottle  as Mariya suggested. 

I lowered the color saturation. Compare the two now and appreciate the difference.


Here is the first one below. See how the colors are more saturated or we might say totally primary. Price tag sticks out, glad it's gone.

Mariya's keen sense of color balance (demonstrated  in the picture above) has a more subtle appeal than the one below.



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