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Design for a Cause Non-Profit - student project

Design for a Cause is a non-profit that is comprised of design professionals. Organizations around the world approach DfaC for innovative human centered solutions. DfaC opens up the challenge to an entire community of design professionals and through collaboration, arrives at a few effective solutions. Through iterations and protoypes, DfaC arrives at an implementable solution, which they then work with a sponsor (a company specializing in that domain) to build the product. The product is then mass-produced and supplied to the organization. Since DfaC consists of design professionals offering their services for free,  it relies heavily on donations to make these visions come alive.

Competitive Review:

The 3 websites considered for the competitive review are all social design websites- two of them are non-profits (Design21 is connected with UNESCO) and the third one (OpenIDEO) is an online community that facilitates sharing of ideas. The entire competitive review can be accessed via this link:

The persona is also part of that link. The persona can also be accessed here-

Card Sort exercise:

Recruiting brief:

The participants for the Card Sort will be representative of the target audience:

  • Designers, Design Thinkers, Engineers, Innovators
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Capable of managing time well 
  • Interest in creating an impact where it's most needed
  • Motivated, will see a project through

Content Inventory: 

The following are labels for the content inventory (some of them with brief descriptions):

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A total of 10 participants participated in the Card Sort. The results can be viewed here:

Design for a Cause Non-Profit - image 1 - student project

Site Mapping:

Design for a Cause Non-Profit - image 2 - student projectDesign for a Cause Non-Profit - image 3 - student project

Balsamiq Flows:

Design for a Cause Non-Profit - image 4 - student projectDesign for a Cause Non-Profit - image 5 - student project