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Design and Build a Scene Generator

I've just published my first class!

HERE is the link - this class is FREE for the first three days, and I believe my fellow Skillshare teachers will find it helpful. How to design and build a custom scene generator in Photoshop.

Class Title: Design and Build a Scene Generator

Class Link:

Class Description:

Stand out from the crowd with creative imagery by designing a custom scene generator in Photoshop! In this class, we’ll brainstorm ideas, photograph props, build a scene generator and use smart objects to incorporate replacable artwork and branding. At the end of this class, you’ll be able to create your own scene generator and unlimited image scenes using Photoshop. Use your newly created images for client mock-ups, your social media pages, blogs, online shop, video introductions, personal brand and so much more. As a bonus, every student who enrolls will receive a small set of free high resolution images so you can get started right away!

Assignment Title: Design a Scene Generator and Upload Sample Images You Create

Assignment Description:

Brainstorm a theme for your scene generator such as artist's workspace, chef's kitchen, identity branding, office desk, coffee shop table or something else that represents your project. Hunt for essential and creative props and photograph them. Follow the lessons to build your own custom scene generator in Photoshop.

Your assignment is to upload two or more finished scene images that you created with your custom scene generator.


Click on the "Start Project" button to record your thoughts and milestones as you progress through this class.

  • Share your brainstorming ideas
  • Upload two or more images created with your scene generator

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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