Design an Eye Catching YouTube Thumbnail

Design an Eye Catching YouTube Thumbnail - student project

You will get some good experiences in designing your YouTube thumbnails by "Yourself".
It is Easy, and It is Fast, and It is FREE.

Follow steps below to do so:

1-) Create an account in and then log in.
(you may need to verify your email, make sure if it asks for that, do it)

2-) Go to > search for two Images (one for your background and the other as a "video play button") remember the actual image size for background is:

width: 1280 pix
height: 720 pix

Size for the second image (video play button) doesn't matter. It is re-sizable inside the canvas.

Images could be about any topics that you decide. (cooking, travel, gym, etc).

3-) Upload those images to Canva in your account.

4-) Now design an eye catching thumbnail with the background which has some texts on it and borders around it and a play button in the middle.

5-) Now download the file as recommended format to your device.

6-) Eventually, upload it in the class project section and let us see what you did.

Good luck :)

Ghasem Barati
Do NOT Talk About It, Think About it then Do It.