Design a unique logo using glyphs

Design a unique logo using glyphs - student project

About this class

Want a fun, creative way to come up with new logo ideas that also work with the type you have chosen? Exploring glyphs and special characters is the way to go!

In this course, Danny will walk through how he approaches making a unique logo without doing any sketching at all. By exploring special characters in the glyphs panel of Adobe Illustrator, Danny has found a way to come up with new ideas that work so well with his chosen font.


In this course, you'll learn how to:

Take a unique approach to logo design

Experiment with unique combinations of shapes

Refine a lot of ideas into something that works

Pair your design with your font for a complete logo


By the end of this class, you'll have a custom logo that is unique, took less time, and matches really well with whatever typography you are using.

While anyone can enjoy this class, it is designed specifically for illustrators and designers who are comfortable with the basics of Adobe Illustrator.



For the class project, you will be creating a custom logo using glyphs.

  1. Determine what your logo is for (a personal project, your portfolio, something random)
  2. If you don't have an idea for a logo or want to start with something - you can use the files I've included in project files to make a Games for Humans logo using glyphs already picked out
  3. Find a font that you like
  4. Explore the glyphs panel in Adobe Illustrator
  5. Make your logo using at least 2 glyphs

When you're done, share your logo with the class so we can like and comment!

Danny Parr
Amateur artist and person.