Fahim Hassan

Want to share my internet marketing skills



Design a t-shirt with free tool online and upload for sell


My class has been published & hope I will be the winner of $1000 award. click in the link here  - Class on designing a tshirt & upload for sell

Class Outline - see here

Here is the Introduction Video on Youtube of my class - https://youtu.be/ksrdC8HPRSs

Sample video of the class on YouTube - https://youtu.be/Q8RdwCFYu0I 


I am not a designer, know nothing about designing, photoshop, illustrator etc. designing tools.

But, I still can design typography, edit images, banners, text with the help of some awesome tools online.

In this class, we will be going to design a t-shirt live with a free tool called ipiccy. We will just be editing some texts with a great message on a t-shirt. Then we gonna upload it for sell to a tee or deign marketplaces.

Also, will show you how to get some great ideas on slogans to design.

Keep your eye on this class, this is going to be super easy, fun and profitable.



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