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Design a Custom Thank You Card

We had two baby showers. Both sides of my family, who never see each other, wanted to celebrate our first baby. Then, Esme was born on December 10th, 2015. We got tons of congratulations and 'welcome new baby' cards, gifts in the mail and supplies sent from friends and family. I kept all of the gift receipts, envelopes with addresses I didn't have, and even had a 'thank you' card list from our Amazon gift registry.

Next thing I knew 4 months had passed and I hadn't made time to say thank you (formally) to anyone! It's tradition to send Thank You Cards after big celebrations like a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, etc. and I had all these ideas in my head of what to do so I decided to get started on my project of saying thanks to everyone who loved and supported our new daughter.

Here's an outline of how I wanted it to go down:

1. Come up with a super sweet custom designed Thank You Card.

- This involved research, thumbnailing of my ideas, picking a direction, and getting it into the computer.

2. Finalizing the artwork so it could be printed.

3. Printing, cutting, and folding the cards.

4. Making a list of everyone to thank!

5. Writing a custom note to each person thanking them individually.

6. Envelopes, addresses, and stamps!

7. Mailing the cards off!

How I can help you!

- Where to research and gather inspiration

- How to find fonts and color palettes

- Templates and custom card layouts

- Digitizing anything you create by hand

- Printing, cutting, and folding


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