Emily Kumari




Design Your Portfolio

Class Description

Your portfolio is your most prized possession and the single most important employment tool. Sure, a degree from a prestigious art school and glowing recommendations can give you a boost, but if you can’t back up the credentials with impressive portfolio, you won’t get the job.

This course is specially designed for those who are looking to create an impact with their portfolio. In this course I have discussed in detail all the things that one must follow to create an awesome portfolio.

Class Project

Do you have a print portfolio you’d like to show the world? Have any tips for creating an imaginative portfolio layout? Share your pics, tips and ideas in the projects section of this course.

Class Outline

Introduction https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvtbcgywygr72pj/1%20Introduction%20-%20design%20portfolio.mp4?dl=0

Published Class  http://skl.sh/2aV7mjo


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