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Design T Shirts That Sell

Anyone who wants to make money selling shirts has to learn to come up with ways that make their shirts more attractive. Understand that not everyone knows a lot about T shirt design or the software necessary to create it. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to learn design concepts and other tactics that will get shirts to sell. There is a lot of competition to deal with, so shirt sellers constantly have to come up with new ideas to sell their shirts. 


Look For Trends  

People who know How to design t shirts know how important trends are to a lot of buyers. A good number of customers want to buy shirts that fit into the latest styles and trends. Emoticons and Internet slang have been popping up on shirts. One way to identify trends is to look at what celebrities are wearing. Often time, celebrities are trendsetters. Shirt makers can also watch for what popular athletes are wearing. Trends come and go, so identifying them is a constant process.  



Think About Fit  

When sellers Design t shirts, they also have to think about how the shirts fit. In the early 2000s, loose shirts were in style. Sometime after 2010, people started to wear tighter fitting shirts. V-neck shirts have also grown in popularity in recent years. Speaking of fit, shirt makers who want to make designs that reach more people should think about adding big and tall fits to their collection. Bigger and taller people want to wear hip shirts too, so including them is a surefire way to increase sales of well-designed shirts. 


Choose The Right Color 


Color is extremely important when it comes to shirt design. For the most part, black seems to sell more than other color of shirts. Black is a color that seems to go with a lot of different colors. It also doesn’t show staining as much as other colors do, so people can spill something on their shirt and it won’t stand out as much. Some individuals also consider black to be a color that makes them look slimmer. White t-shirts are often thought of as undergarments. Black t-shirts seem to be more stylish. Whatever the case may be, black shirts sell.  


Avoid Overwhelming Customers 

While it is good to have a large selection of shirts, overwhelming customers with choices can be counterproductive. When designing t-shirts, limit the color selection for each design. Using about four or five color selection for each design is enough to give customers a choice without making it hard for them to decide which color to choose. If a customer can’t decide on a color, they might not buy a t-shirt. There are times when sellers might only offer a shirt in just one color. A good number of well-designed t-shirts just come in black.  


Design For All Ages  

One of the methods that can really get t-shirts to sell is to design for all ages. Placing designs on t-shirts that children will like will definitely help to increase sales. For example, a lot of little girls seem to like ponies. Using pony designs can help increase sales to parents who want to get shirts for their children. Cars and child-friendly characters can also be used to design shirts for children. Shirts geared to teenagers can have slogans on them that seem to be a bit rebellious in nature. Make a shirt with an audience already in mind. 


Dangerous Designs 

This is where your drawing skills may come into play.Some people like t-shirts that have dangerous images on them. There are people who like shirts with dragons, demons, wolves, and even grim reapers on them. People who are into fantasy films that deal with mythological creatures sometimes like to wear shirts that show their interests. Also, individuals who are into heavy metal music tend to like shirts that have dangerous designs on them. Fortunately, dangerous designs are easy to come up with because there are a lot of unique ways mythological and real creatures can be presented in an intimidating manner. 

Don't know how to draw? Start with figure drawing basics to understand some basic shapes.


Holiday Options 

Anyone who wants to make money by selling t-shirts can’t forget about capitalizing on holiday options. T-shirts can be designed to represent everything from Christmas to Halloween. A Christmas shirt can be something as simple as a shirt with a snowman design with a bit of glitter. A Halloween shirt can be a smiling pumpkin design or maybe a scary pumpkin. A great thing about holiday shirts is that they can easily be made for both children and adults. Shirts can be designed with Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties in mind.  


Don’t Forget About Women 

There isn’t anything wrong with designing shirts that are made with women in mind. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all the shirts geared for women have to be pink. It’s just about using themes that might tend to interest women more. For example, a shirt designed for a women might be something that can be worn to show off a belly ring. It’s important to size shirts right for women. Quite a few women find it difficult to select shirts when there are only men’s sizes available or when fits are unisex.  


Don’t Clash Colors 

Even a great design can be ruined by colors that clash. Although most any color can go with black, it’s usually best to have writing on the shirt in white. If a shirt is yellow, will pink letters look good on it? Probably not. Although some individuals might not mind clashing colors because the mismatch can attract attention, most buyers want colors that just go together. Choosing colors that go together isn’t too difficult. If a person wants crazy color combinations, they might have to design their own t-shirt.  


Let Customers Decide 

When sellers ask themselves about How to design t shirts that sell, they often forget the simplest option: Let a customer come up with their own T shirt design. There are plenty of creative people in the world who have design ideas that they want to be brought to life. Allowing customers to create their own t-shirts is an easy way to sell shirts. It is also an excellent way to get design ideas. Some customers will come to a shirt maker when they have an idea of shirts that they might want to sell themselves. Every shirt maker who wants to maximize profits will have a design option for their customers. 


Don’t Complicate The Design 

Although it might be tempting to throw a lot of different images or words into a design, don’t do it. It’s best to keep the design as simple as possible. A shirt shouldn’t seem cluttered. In some cases, breaking up the design so that part goes on the front and some goes on the back can help. For example, an image can be on the front of a shirt with words on the back. The best way to Design a shirt with words on it is to make the letters large and in a bold font so that they can easily be read. 


What Would You Buy? 

Sometimes, the easiest way to Design t shirts is to think about what you would buy. Some sellers often overlook their own tastes because they think others might not like them. A person doesn’t know until they at least test the waters. If a seller is feeling creative, they should try to come up with a few designs that they would like to wear themselves. Others might really like the designs and come back for more. People who are looking to sell t-shirts shouldn’t be afraid to take risk with their designs from time to time. Asking friends and family about design ideas can also help. 


Politics Sell  

Let’s face it. Controversy sells. Politics isn’t lacking for controversy. It seems as if everyone has their own opinion about politics, and some people don’t mind sharing their views through t-shirts. There are shirt sellers who make a lot of money catering to the political viewpoints of people. Sellers don’t necessarily believe the viewpoints on their shirts. It’s just a design that can be used to increase sales. T-shirt makers can look around the Internet to see the type of slogans people seem to be wearing. They can then come up with their own unique designs using certain political slogans. 



When it comes down to it, it’s not really hard to make well-designed t-shirts. Although it takes some time, effort, and creativity, designing a shirt that sells can be done. There are a lot of ways that a person can go about designing shirts. They can go for niche audiences as well as broader audiences. A seller can use different websites to sell different types of shirts if they don’t want everything linked together. Sellers can also use established websites to sell their well-designed shirts. People who are looking to design nice shirts should always try to think of new ideas. Fortunately, with the Internet, finding new and exciting ideas is easier than every before. It’s important for sellers to keep close track of how their shirts sell so that they can pull design ideas that don’t work.  


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