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Design Stickers in Adobe Illustrator

This is a class I created for the October Teach Challenge! As this is my first-time making a class, I'd appreciate your support and enrollment. Thank you.


Thank you to those of you who helped me reach 25 students! 

Class description:

In this class, you will learn to design your very own pack of stickers. This class might do different things for different people. By enrolling in this class, you may practice your Illustrator skills, create the perfect gift for a friend, or flex your creative muscles, or all of them. Either way, jump on board to start creating!

*BEWARE*: Creative muscles will be exercised upon in this class. Your Adobe Illustrator skills will also be challenged to the inevitable point of rapid improvement.

Project description


Create a set of stickers revolving around a single theme and style. If you happen to be struggling to find a great gift for a friend, stickers are a way to go! I know my friend loved the sticker pack I gave to her for her birthday. Don't be afraid to experiment and fail, as that's how you learn. Ask any question about the class/project in the Community Board and I'll gladly help you out with it. 


Share your progress in the Project Gallery and win a chance to receive my complete sticker pack printed out and sent to your door! Here's what to do to be eligible:

  1. Upload your project
  2. Follow me on instagram @amberlimshin 

Here’s what to upload as you go through the steps of creating your own sticker pack:

  • Theme 
  • Initial sketches
  • Work in progress
  • Finished result


I hope you enjoyed this class. Feedback and questions are absolutely welcomed via the Community Board. Thank you for your effort. I can't wait to see what you guys came up with!


My class outline:

Milestones achieved:

  • Milestone 1: Start Your Class Draft - Due Sunday, October 2nd (Required)
  • Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project - Due Wednesday, October 5th (Required)
  • Milestone 3: Outline - Due Monday, October 10th (Required)
  • Milestone 4: Your Introduction Video - Due Sunday, October 16th (Required)
  • Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing Your Class- Thursday, October 22nd
  • Milestone 6: Publish Your Class - Due Monday, October 31st (Required)
  • Milestone 7: Market Your Class - November 1st - November 15th


I recently finished all my milestones. It has been a great October Challenge. Thank you to students who enrolled. Please check out my class @


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