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Elizabeth Bright

Sewing / Photos / Painting :)



Design + Sew: Yoga Mat Bag JUST PUBLISHED

5/9 I have 23 enrolled -- so close to 25 students!

So far, one person said they would reccomend the class and one person said they would not. I have some ideas for how to improve, especially when it comes to my filming setup, but I would love to hear others!! 

If you are in search of similar feedback for your class, let me know -- perhaps we can help each other improve!

Liz :) 




Update! My class is published and ready to go! 

It's FREE to enroll and download the project guide w/ shopping list, cut guide, and detailed instructions. I'd love your help in getting me to 25 students and spreading the word. :) All feedback/questions welcome!



4/15 Intro Video


Adding my intro video now! Let me know what you think!



4/7 Video Outline 


Hi again! Just an update to add a video outline. Playing around with content and organization. Let me know what you think!


3/31 Class Description


Bring personality to your practice by sewing a tote to protect your yoga mat on the way to the studio. In this class, Liz Bright covers creating an inspired design, making a reusable pattern, and choosing the right materials while offering construction tips to help your project go smoothly.  

This beginner-level sewing project can be completed in only a few hours, so it would make a great afternoon project or introduction to sewing. Alternatively, you could make several to sell or give away as gifts. 

Pick up a few new techniques, make something beautiful and useful, and have fun in the process!


3/31 Hello!


Hi, all. I'm so excited to share the experience of making a class with you!

I'm teaching a class on making a yoga bag. The project is beginner-level and can be completed in an afternoon, but the results are satisfying and bursting with personality. For me, this class is a way to share my process for creating an inspired design, making a reusable pattern, and going through a simple construction process. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I navigate this process and add to my post. 

More soon,



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