Design Niche

Design Niche - student project

Lindsay - thanks for this class! It helped to confirm my niche.


My design focus areas are:

Pattern Design & Illustration

Print & Editorial Design

Package Design


My love has always been surface pattern design though I'm a complete beginner at it. The wrapping paper design on my cover image is my first seamless pattern, and it was a lot of fun to create.


Software and skills to learn/master:

1. Adobe Illustrator / Affinity Designer

2. Adobe InDesign

3. Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor


Design Theory:

  1. Typography Theory
  2. Layout Theory
  3. Photography and Photo Editing
  4. Sketching, Drawing
  5. Illustration

Short-term Timeline:

I was gifted Affinity Design, so that's what I'm learning right now. Loving it so far! My goal is to take 3 Affinity classes in Jan-Feb and get to know it really well, and have my 3 projects done by April.



I want to create a baby crib sheet collection.

1. Main design for crib sheet

2. Secondary design for a matching blanket (or reversible quilt like this one)

3. Bumper and/or crib skirt



I don't really know how to draw or sketch... So I'm trusting it can be a learned skill.  



I'm hoping to develop my unique design style within 1 year.



To license artwork within 2 years.