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Design Myself: Finding My Visual Artist's Voice

As a writer and a teacher of writing, I've developed (and continue to develop) my narrative voice and worked to help my students find their own.

As a person who loves to sketch and mess with watercolor paints, yet doesn't spend much time doing so, yet is not very skilled, I want to use this class as a way to find my visual artist's voice.

Ok, maybe it is a bit much to call myself a visual artist. But I have a vision of what I'd like to create. I have a sense that if I sketch more, paint more, I may find myself developing a voice. 

4/21/13: Yesterday I created a Tumblr blog for the project: Project Visual Voice.

5/1/13: I've been sketching with a purpose almost every day (I missed one day), and I enrolled in an ink + wash class. I'll be taking some photos to post that will show my project visualization a little later today!


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