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Design IT quickly

First of all, thanks for your class!
It was really fun, I enjoyed and "get inspired" by your 'word' - that we need to quickly done the font, that it must NOT be so hard to find a good one. :)
I have "a problem" with fonts, I just caaaan't pick "the right one".

I love vintage "spirit" and love mix black with red.
I've used Hymaker font for this project:

I've play around with font a little bit and came up with this:

Then this blank part after 'Y' starts to annoying me, so I put nerd glasses (like mine xD):

Then I add a grunge style into:

Then I decided to add a blue color (it's my favorite, I must did it) and replace red and black + add drop shadow (a simple one):

And that was it. I also put one of them on a T-shirt:

Maybe I should try to transform this design, as you did to SkillShare text, but.. :)

Thanks again, I love recreating the font, play around with and have fun.


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