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Design Hacks for Non-Designers

Class Title

How to Hack Design When You’re Not a Designer

Class Description

You’ve got big ideas and concepts that you want to bring to life, but you’re not a designer. That’s ok!

In this course, we’ll learn how to hack design even when you’re not a designer. Learn to create a website header, social media graphics, and a poster all without Photoshop* or previous design experience for free on the internet! *You can totally use photoshop but I’ll give you links to free design resources online.



Project Title

Create a Website Header

Project Description


Create a website header for use with the Wordpress Twenty Thirteen Theme (or any free theme you might find with a header space). This assignment will teach you how to make fundamental design decisions like what photography works best online, how to choose and match fonts, and guide a user’s eye.

Here are some outlines for creating a website header (for Wordpress’ Twenty Thirteen Theme):

  • 1600 px x 230 px


Upload your website header created from an inkblot. A website header includes:

  • Photo
  • Business Name in one font
  • Brand slogan in another font


What do y'all think?


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