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Diamond Alexander

DIY Web Designer - Aspiring Food Network Star



Design Eye-Catching Email Forms with Squarespace

My Video Outline

I am really excited about this! I am a graphic and web designer and although it definitely has its limitations, I find Squarespace to be easier for clients to update content and move things around on their own. I also know that it's becoming more popular as a quick-start blogging platform for a lot of people so I figured teaching classes on certain Squarespace related topics would be fun for me and helpful for others.

I'm picking this topic as my first class because it would be easy to break up into bite-sized lessons, it's a small piece of the larger web design pie so hopefully learners wouldn't be overwhelmed, and it allows for endless creativity. 

It will be mostly a screencast class with maybe the beginning and ending with me talking to the camera so they can see there is a real person behind the computer!


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