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Design College Bound

The final map for project 2 is a resentaton of the important places a design student will want to know the locations for, or the resources that are availible to them.  Thie was decided after the initial sketches done in class.  At the beginning it was thought that a whole map would be created and would show the walking patterns I use to get through each day.  It was later decided by myself that this map would mean nothing to anyone else, and thought I would focus on a bigger picture, which was as a design student, what is important to me and what did I need to learn about my surroundings to take full advanatge of the resources availible to a design student. 

The map that you will see at the end of this process book shows a overal map of campus, with a set of numbers that are the important buildings a design student should familiarize themselves with.  Along the side are five boxes on the right and left.  These represent the 5 floors of the design building.  Within each of the these boxes are representations of the important things located on each of the floors.  This was done because unknown to new students is what is located on each floor, and why they should know about these. 

At the top of the map is abbreviateions of the different colleges within the college of design.  Each of the abbreviations are explained within the box located in the upper left corner of the map.  I thought this was another important piece to include in my map, because it not always known what colleges are all held within the college of design.


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