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Design Beautiful & Fun Personalized Cards: Brush Lettering Tips & Tricks

Class Title & Description

Design Beautiful, Awesome & Fun Personalized Cards: Brush Lettering Tips & Tricks

Create a custom one-of-a- kind personalized greeting card with brush lettering techniques.  I'm excited to share hand lettering tips and tricks in this class so that students will be able to create last minute gifts, funny personalized cards and beautiful hand made gifts for their friends and family! 

Project Title

Design &  create a personalized card


Pick an upcoming event like a Birthday, Graduation, National Grandparent’s Day, Anniversary or whatever is next on your social calendar as your inspiration.  You’ll then need to decide what you’d like to write on the front of your card.  

Please see my line below to my video lesson outline below:

Next on my to do list! Filming and Creating slides! 

Introduction Video!!

Finally got my intro video all done and edited! Please feel free to view it here and let me know what you think! 


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