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Design An Eye Catching Header For Social Media For Free, Quickly & Easily!

Design An Eye Catching Header For Social Media For Free, Quickly & Easily!

Overview -

We've all started a social media account, page or group, then trawled the internet to find generic images to use as a header. Often these don't fit the bill and you want something that tells visitors what your are about.

This project will allow you to create a personalised header for your social media needs, no matter if it's for your personal accounts, business pages or community groups.

Watch these videos to learn how to find and use great images, graphics and text that are really eye-catching.

Milestone 1: Start Your Class Draft - Due Sunday, July 3rd

  • Assignment: If you haven't done so already, start your class draft at by clicking "Start a Class." Your class draft is where you'll upload your class information and videos before publishing to Skillshare.

The draft i created is now my published course, you can see it here - My Class

Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project - Due Tuesday, July 5th

This is my class project  for my new class.

Milestone 3: Outline - Due Monday, July 11th

  • Deliverable: Share a link to your outline in your class project.

This outline is really great and really got me thinking about how to segment my class and how important planning is, but most importantly, how my class will learn and get the most out of my course.

Here is the link to my outline - Link To My Outline

Milestone 4: Your Introduction Video - Due Monday, July 18th

Deliverable: Post your introduction video or a sample video lesson on YouTube, and embed the link into your project or share the direct URL

Here is the link to my intro video, which i posted on YouTube - My Intro Video

Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing Your Class- Monday, July 25th

  • Optional Deliverable: Post an edited sample video lesson on YouTube, and embed the link into your project or share the direct URL.

Here i have posted one of my edited videos on YouTube - Link To My Edited Video

Milestone 6: Publish Your Class - Due Sunday, July 31st

  • Deliverable: Publish your class to Skillshare and share a link to your class in your project by Sunday, July 31st at 11:59 PM EST!

I finally published my class - yay!

You can take a look here - Link To My First Class

Milestone 7: Market Your Class - August 1st - August 7th

Here is the link to my marketing project where I have outlined what i am doing to market my class, including screenshots, and also what i plan to do to market in the future - Link To My Marketing Project

This has been a fun project, and cannot wait to start creating many more classes for the Skillshare community!

Id love it if you would take a look at my course, and really appreciate your feedback, so a review and comment would be awesome.

If you're a premium member on Skillshare, here's the enrollment link:

If you're not a premium member on Skillshare, here's a free enrollment link:

Id be more than happy to check out your courses, and leave some feedback, so please feel free to comment and share your course links below :)


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