Design A Space You Love Workshop - Class 1

Design A Space You Love Workshop - Class 1 - student project

There are many rooms in my home that I feel that I need to spend the time working on. I signed up to this workshop to see if I could get some inspiration on how to tackle organizing and styling my home, and tips on how to be effective at it (because somehow it still feels like we're moving in, but we've been here for like 3 years!).


For the class project, I decided to start with the living room since it's the place most people will see first, and also the one space that is probably furthest along in feeling "completed".


Here is a look at my Pinterest inspiration.  Design A Space You Love Workshop - Class 1 - image 1 - student project


I've identified that I like a light and airy feel to the room, with white, blues, and a little bit of pink/salmon, with natural textures and woods. Also, I liek when rooms have some greenery in them. I would say I probably like the casual California style of these images. 


I have a few pieces of furniture that go well with this general direction, and some that don't quite fit... so still debating whether those pieces will get switched out for something else, or whether I'll first try to reorganize them into the space to see if I can still achieve a similar vibe. I think bringing my images in combination with products I find online into photoshop as Arlyn Hernandez suggested will help in making that decision.


I will try to update this project as I get further along in the process of eventually bringing that to life in my actual living room. 


Estefy Debbane
Creative Marketing & Graphic Design