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Design 3 focal point prints workshop July

Hi Everyone!!!


My name is Sivan and I live with my BF in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I graduated from a graphic design programme in 2010. A few months ago I discovered surface pattern design here on skillshare doing Bonnie Christine's classes and I absolutely fell in love. Since then I've also done ABSPD M2 and learned so much!!! I've loved being part of a design community. I'm new to online learning and it has just opened up an entIre world I didnt know existed. Here in Israel surface pattern design is virtually nonexistent. I have to go to long lengths to explain to people what it is that I'm doing. So it is sooo wonderful and I'm so grateful to be able to share and be inspired by other artists that have the same passion as me.

I'm still working on my personal design style. Experimenting with different techniques such as watercolors and mark making. During this workshop one of my goals is to incorporate the different things I've learned and to continue experimenting. 

My mother is a big influence on me. Now I live in Israel but I grew up in L.A. California. I'm an only child and my mom didnt work when I was little. We lived in a small apt in the valley mom , dad and me and our samoyed (dog) Lisa. My mom has always been a collector of anything and everything design related. Stamps, stationary, porcelain miniatures, home decorating magazines, arts and crafts supplies, scrapbooking materials and many more. We sure did fill that apt with projects and magical worlds, Its no wonder that when it was time to pick what to study I went into visual communications. 

For the longest time my secret dream has been to be an illustrator. but I didnt think I was good enough, but doing the skillshare classes has broken my fear. and I'm happy I didnt give up on it.Recently I've started to call myself an artist / illustrator / surface pattern designer. This is such a big step for me. The first time I heard Bonnie's encouraging words  "there is room for you" I will confess a tear came to my eye. Laughing at myself now, I remember how I was looking for my place and what I wanted to do for so long and finally I found it. So Thanks Bonnie.

now on to the task at hand...


For the last 5 years I've worked in a Catering company. surrounded by food, music, people, and different places. Working till the early hours. About 8 months ago I decided it was time to get back in the game and I left in order to work on my graphic design portfolio which I had left behind. Also around this time I moved in with my BF. Finally my own kitchen !!! Even though gourmet food was always on the menu.. at home its pasta, I can never get enough of it. Combining my favorite: carbs and sauces with a nice glass of wine, who doesnt love it ?? I love to just throw whatever I have in a pan and whip up a delicious sauce, its quick and easy. Always in the movies there is that part where he/she is cooking a home cooked dinner for a date and they let each other taste the tomato sauce off of the wooden spoon :)

so naturally one of my choices for the 3 focal prints. I remember an old commercial from when I was a kid, of different houses at dinner time serving chicken. The line was "Chicken, its whats for dinner" (much like "Pork, the other white meat" lol). So thats where the name for my Pasta collection came from.

I like doing research and collecting a lot of inspiration. I take quite a lot  of photos of everything!! but I dont usually make moodboards. I also write and do web like brainstorms just to get everything out before I start on designing. 

Descriptive words: vintage, earthy, fresh, vegetables, bountiful, layered, dimension, kitchenware, variety, colorful

Notes to self: use surprising colors, use mark making for texture, lettering on labels




Last week on my way home from work I popped into a Russian book store. The shopkeeper started to talk to me in Russian but I just smiled and shook my head so she understood I dont know what she is saying. Switching to hebrew she said " you know we only have books in Russian" I told her " thats okay I like the drawings". The childrens books are amazing!!! But also the other book covers have fantastic drawings on them. There I found a book on folk art , too bad I couldnt understand a thing. I have a folk art board on pinterest so I thought I'd have a crack at it. Try and make it my own. I love the use of colors. and while I did my research I discovered different kinds of folk art from different countries.

For my inspiration choose a certain kind. and I couldnt resist also attaching one of Helen Dardiks Masterpieces. She has such a rich imagination, I'm quite envious, she incorporates a lot of detail and I think her color palette is folk art related.

I remember when I was studying graphic design I did a presentation and I told my teacher that I like it when every time you look at the design you find something new. He said thats very interesting but here you have to have one focal point. Thats how  graphic design is the message has to be clear. And thats exactly what I love about patterns that they are so rich and every time you look at them you almost always find something new :)

Descriptive words: bright, colorful, flowers, detailed, symmetrical, story, structured, cut outs, countryside, farm, vintage, bold, decorative, condensed

Notes to self: I noticed that I'm thinking more and more in terms of products and what I would like to wear or have in my home. For this pattern I think I'll try a more structured composition instead of random. maybe watercolor



I dont have kids yet. But when I do they will have the cutest cloths!!! Kids today dress like adults. Its kind of funny to me. Kids with sunglasses and leather jackets, wearing jeans :)

Since I choose one of my patterns to be a very colorful one I waned to try limiting myself to a few colors. Black and white and some kind of bright highlight color maybe red or pink possibily yellow or green we will see.

after thought: ohhh maybe gold or silver

Descriptive words: hand drawn geometrics, cool, trendy, contemporary, woodland, free, spatial, imaginary, odd, cute, wild, characters, accessories, adventurous, random, lines and solids, limited colors, urban, 

Note to self: concentrate on texture, random pattern with space in between, incorporate woodland, lines as well as solids, contrast


I decided on a boys theme -  at first I thought that I strayed from my original plan but then I realized the process and development.  felt a little nostalgic thinking about childhood

milk and cookies, lego, paper boats and planes, finding lady bugs, nintendos game boy, ... to me these icons are the coolest. Do you know that converstation with friends about what shows you used to watch as a kid? its fun reminiscing, thats where this took me... :)



love to hear what you guys think :)


Hi Everyone

This is my first pattern ever!!

My inspiration came from a walk in the woods here in Israel. It was just starting to get warm and a beautiful day came about with a blue sky so I drove especially to a place I havent been since I was a child. I collected pinecones and took photos of the trees and flowers. Everything was sooo green and wonderful.I  came home a drew a bit.



I didnt vectorize all of them. Its amazing how much you can do with just a few elements. I desided to use a fox I made on another skillshare class using the pen tool. and wanted to try using the blob tool so I traced a photo of a rose.


Color palette and moodboard


My Motif




I wanted to see how it would look on a dress.the picture isnt so great but I loved the dress





Thanks for checking out my first pattern project :)


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