Desert People

Desert People - student project

Desert People - image 1 - student project

Ron, I'm not keen on cactus so I changed the subject to people. It's hard to get an accurate image on my scanner. In reality this painting is very bright and warm! I feel like there is not enough depth for the ground. Should I darken the edge of the horizon and the land form? I accidentally painted this on Canson 140 instead of Arches. Big difference. I worked with a little buckling and it turned out OK. I like this mood and concept and I'm going to paint more tries for this. This size is a half sheet. I'll see what happens on a full sheet. I feel liike the shadows look more like reflections on water or ice. I am going to work up a cactus piece, too, because I want the practice in creating the volume and texture.

Below are some tiny paintings I made for some coasters that are glass with colored frames, just big enough to insert a 2X3 inch image. I watched the early videos in this class and applied the design principals in another class about autumn painting and I just fooled around. You put so much into your videos I am letting them permeate me slowly. Thanks! Oh, and, I'm considering painting or big paper, really big. I don't think Skillshare has a class on up-sizing watercolor to large format. (Hint)

Desert People - image 2 - student projectDesert People - image 3 - student projectDesert People - image 4 - student project