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Desert Island Castaway

I chose my theme for this project to be a desert island castaway.  I'm a massive Tomb Raider fan and absolutely loved the most recent game where she gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. I have also just started watching the series, Lost again so castaways are very much in my head at the moment!

Here are my thumbnails.  I found it quite difficult to just draw silhouettes without having a final pose in mind, but it was still fun and I think it's definately something I'd try again in the future :)

Anyway, none of these silhouettes in particular really stand out for me yet, so would love to hear anyone's opinion! 


So I picked these silhouettes to refine:

I found this refining stage to be quite difficult actually.  I found it hard to stick to the silhouette of the original thumbnails and so some deviated quite a bit. I think maybe I wasn't being adventurous enough with my ideas of what the character could look like and felt like they've lost some charm along the way :(

Here's the silhouette comparisons:

The second one change a lot and that was mainly because of the roughness of the initial thumb, and the middle one has lost its proprtions a bit.  

I think I might redo the refining stage and think a little harder about keeping the silhouette thats what drew me to those particular designs after all- it doesn't make sense to change it.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think!


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