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Desert Flamingos

This is my moodboard to the pattern design challange.

I want to create a pattern that is slightly different from many other flamingo-patterns. Most use tropical flowers and leaves whereas flamingos live in areas with slightly no vegetation, such as the salty lagoons in the National Park Uyuni in Bolivia. For my pattern I plan to use shades of pink and blue emphasizing the essential water for the flamingos and some brownish shades which represent the desert.

This is going to be my first pattern, so I am very excited about the outcome!


I also show you my sketches. I am not sure how I will use the salt shapes and the water, probably I will emphesize these elements with the colours...


And this is my pattern :-) I worked a lot with it. I don't have a digital drawing pad yet, so I could not follow your advice, Elizabeth, to draw the shapes by hand, and you are right - it was a very slow process and my curves are not perfect. Still, I am very proud of my flamingos and that I could create this pattern. I learnt a lot during this class, thank you very much!


... and here the repeating version:



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