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Mompreneur - Desert Dwellers Flash Cards



Desert Dwellers Flash Cards Press Kit (in progress)

Desert Dweller Flash Cards, created by artist and Mom Julie Rustad, use whimsical paintings of Sonoran desert animals and fun facts to teach children about these animals while learning the alphabet.

From concept, to painting each animal to the design of the brand and packaging - I combined my illustration and design skills to bring this educational children's product to market!

Today they are in over 20 Arizona retailers, but I am looking to reach a wider audience. I am hoping this class will provide me with the insight I need to successfully land attention in a more national publication.

I am also in the process of creating a Spanish version, an Ipad App for children and some tools for the classroom. Here's more of the products I have created.


  1. Largest book retailer Barnes & Noble will be carrying Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by this holiday season
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  9. New Desert Dwellers app helps parent nurture their child's affinity for animals by educating them about their native wildlife.
  10. Every month Tucson Artist Julie Rustad paints a desert animal from Tucson Wildlife Center to raise money for their care!
  11. Tools for Teaching ABCs


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