Descriptive writing exercise

Descriptive writing exercise - student project

Indestructible gazanias. That’s how May thought of the Spring Heralds as she drove into town. Sturdy clumps of grey-green foliage with bright yellow-orange sunburst petals hunched and marching between the rocks, up the verge toward the paddocks.  A radiant welcoming carpet; a memory from childhood of grandmotherly gardens.

The beach was cold, deserted with seaweed sodden, draped along the high point of the shore. The Soft waves of calm, soothing grey gently lapped the sand. My toes sank, the sand twiddled and moved, pulled down and out away leaving my feet to glisten, encrusted with salt, harsh and dry on my tongue.

Train carriage
Bikes on the train carriage, propped against poles, seats folded not much room to sit. It was hot, the smell of sweaty towels drying over frames permeated the close air of the carriage and the fitful clunk of swinging helmets broke the striated wine of the engine.