Descriptive and detail writing

Descriptive and detail writing - student project


Ex 1 - Descriptive WritingThe night air was fresh. The wind blew through the valley far away. It could be heard running through the maze of alleys, hiding in the dark corners of dead ends, dancing with the shutters of houses. We could hear it laughing with the children of the night, stealing the hats from the few passers-by, taunting the adults with impertinence. Elusive and invisible, it went on its way without fearing anything but its own fears, taking everything in its stride. It swept everything back to me: feathers and smells, ferns and smoke. In this sensory cacophony, I closed my eyes. The smell of the wood fire sent me back to the home I left long ago. The caress of what had now become a breeze reminded me of the sheets of my crib.


Ex 2 - Unexpected details

She was standing with her back to the wall of one of the many historical buildings in the old Lieugrotnom street of the 2nd district. Her two legs were stretched out towards the sidewalk, in a kind of abdominal exercise position. It looked as if she could slide and fall at any moment. And yet she was not trembling, not moving, not even breathing. Motionless in this flow of hurried passers-by, like a rock breaking the course of a river. Invisible in her old, faded jeans, like a chameleon with the colors of blue stones. Neither too clean nor too dirty, the white of her shirt did not catch any superfluous light. Just what it takes to exist. Without the perspective formed by the inclination of her legs, one could have believed in a mural painting. Yet the flesh was there, stretching all the way across the passage. Like a trap, fatal for any hurried step that bumped into it. But there was no fall, no hostility. There was no trap, since everything passed through this flesh as one passes through the wind. Her body was like a cloud that one can see but neither grasp nor feel. A body both elsewhere and here. At the same time intangible and real.

Without a doubt, she was one of them, one of those manipulators of space. Beings capable of existing in several dimensions. They were also called "the eyeless". The wide hood of her khaki green raincoat covered the upper part of her face, revealing only the tip of her nose and her lips. Thick brown and impassive lips. Frozen. But alive. Like a Métis Mona Lisa. One of them, undoubtedly.