Descriptive Senses from a Determined Scribe

Observation of an Old House

The house appeared to have been left, abandoned even, long, long ago. Deserted and dilapidated, the windows were all broken, the siding slipped away, and the tiled roof scattered in shambles. Though the house could have once held happy families all making happy memories, it now stood alone and forgotten; a shell of its former self, giving no one shelter, and offering no warmth or security. Its only saving grace, it seemed, were the many trees and the overgrown brush that surrounded it, almost as if to hide the building's rundown state from a world outside that had left it behind long ago.


They are stiff and yet worn in. The tread on the sole is nearly flat in places, and the edge are rounded from the repeated stomp, stomp, stomp on pavement from hundreds of early morning runs. My old sneakers need replacing, but they've carried me for miles through countless hours of thought and reason as I burn calories and run the angst away. Somehow, there's an intimacy between us, a friendship almost that makes it so very difficult to let them go.

Only the shoelaces have been replaced, the neon pink a sharp contrast to the blackened blue material of the shoe's exterior. Though washed and scrubbed, there's a history of forensics on these shoes, evidence of where I've been and the things I've done. There's a gaping hole inside of one sneaker, in the middle the heel where my foot has worn through. A hardened blister is proof of its wear and age, yet still it's difficult to cast them aside and replace them with something new. 

I hold one shoe with amity, my fingers curling around the heel as I guide it onto my waiting foot. A familiar feel, a comfortable catch, one that will carry me through bustling neighborhoods and down city streets... at least now, for another day.


Fresh chocolate cake, warm and sweet

      My watering mouth welcomes the moist bakery treat

I savor the gooey goodness, my lips curl up in a smile

      Though I adore the taste, I'm terribly fat and it's been such a long while

As the dusky chocolate melts, it makes everything feel just right

     Oh, joy to chocolate cake, please, one more bite!